Top 8 Online Games Booming in the Gaming World

Top 8 Online Games Booming in the Gaming World

The popularity of online games and the gaming world as a whole has increased to the extent that it has become a significant source of recreation for a majority of the population. It is solely a profession for many of them too. The increase in popularity of games has forced the gaming industry to introduce exciting games and update the original ones that already exist. Here is a list of top 8 such games that are a must-try in 2020

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Popularly called PUBG, is the most popular game of 2020, in the world. It has literally taken the internet, and the people behind their screens playing the game are increasing day by day. The graphics, map, missions and the encounter of enemies hiding behind bushes are the main reasons for the game’s popularity.


You’re probably living under a rock if you haven’t heard of the game Fortnite. It used to be one of the most popular games, before the invention of Pubg. The dramatic effects, game’s features, the types of equipment and many more, add to the game’s popularity and are mainly played by the majority of men, rather than women.

Apex Legends

This is a new release, and if you’re not into Pubg or Fortnite but still are a fan of battlefield games, then you can try this game out. It is a multiplayer game where you have to collect weapons and fight against your enemies. The squad that is left with the majority of the players in the team generally wins.

Counter-strike: Global Offensive

The game has been around for ages now and does not plan on going anywhere. It is based on terrorists and counter terrorist attacks. The game involves planting bombs, killing the terrorists, guns and many more of those features which are generally seen in a multiplayer shooter game.


This again is one such game that even though you’re not aware of how to play it, you would’ve heard of the game. With over 91 million players online, the game has only increased its popularity with the updates from every version. It is a 3D sandbox game that allows the users to do what they want and no restrictions on gameplay.


This is another love for all the gaming lovers out there, who are always on the hunt for the release of the best version of the game. But the game requires the players to cooperate, to win the missions and get past the hurdles.


Initially, Hearthstone was a small project of the company that has become ha hit recently. The gameplay is based on collecting decks of cards from the different houses available and with different powers. Each of the cards depends on lowering the health of the opponents and hence will a point for you and your team.

Division 2

Like Dota, this game is also played from a third-person perspective and is based on a civil war between warriors. Players should corporate among the team to win the missions and achieve victory.

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