No order, no time, no reasons and no comments, just thanks.

I realise that I'm not updating this list anymore. But I would like to thank everyone who I've ever played with, chatted with, who watched's videos and who installed and used's styles and templates.

<Augure>, <FreneZy>, <Empire>, Rahia, Necka <Millenium>/ex-<Blow>, Edweth, Kerion, Ssirul, Saorisan, <Sins>, <Au Caribou Beurré>, Jeanbonbeur, Mione, Elferie, Aguilar, Cawette, Winky, Fern, Loco, Edwige, <La Garde>, Shally, Lilla, Jackhunt <Empire>, Chatoonete, Barnabé, Fen, Yavanna, Farzoul & Akujii(Dsn), Mpaco & UA, Cashemire, Youkie, Loridrim, Moidixmois, Chaise, Ounette, Corsaire, Pogo, Darklink, Predators, Yodah, Därkzërä, Belligerence, Lucyllia, Vivic, Gus, Gustwind, Divania, Drinette, Azonia, Chasis, Millia, Lunatika, Mouglia, Astur, D. Rumsfeld :-p, Demoglobyne, Grobbul, Öriane <Gquit attitude>, Saraiva, Tonyfr, Aldin, Choupitifab, Acharné, Sylah, Eenoo, Stravinsky, Pitchounis, Usoha, Shomena, Kakashi (not the <Sins> one who is included in <Sins> anyway), Dracorix, Shinja, Yogg, Motalos, Syazx, Canari, Tisalis, Erwinae/Ghibli/Maelys, <TMOL>, DayoX/Dayofend, Jaqdraco, Alumna, Trollahe, (+ tons of people I forgot, contact me in case ;-), Namus, Saorisan & the Naxxramas pick ups, Charmes, Mimay, Kahzz, Europe, David "King Arthur", <Deadly Panda Squad/Deadly Murloc Squad>, <Les Croisés>,...