Interesting Facts about Gaming you Probably didn’t know

Interesting Facts about Gaming you Probably didn’t know

Online games have proved to be one of the thriving industries that is shaping up today’s gaming as well as the gambling world. It contributes to one of the greatest hits in the economy and rightly so, people all over the world encourage the new trends introduced by the games. Since online gaming is a favourite topic among people, let’s dig into some interesting points about them.

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) was the most expensive game.

Every millennial kid would know about the game Grand Theft Auto. It was one of the widely played games, especially in teens and early adulthood. Did you know that GTA version V was one of the most expensive online games made so far? Approximately 137 million dollars, along with $128 million for their marketing, it is one of the wealthiest game built in the f=history of gaming.

The number of female online gamers exceeds male gamers.

Almost 45% of online gamers are females. There is always a misconception in the industry that due to the geekiness and the complex storylines and the battlegrounds, most of the players are men. But surprisingly, it is women who also enjoy action games as equally as men do.

30% of online gamers are above the age of 50 years

Although the gaming developers and the gaming companies did not target the older citizens, it is surprising to know that almost 30% of these gamers worldwide are aged above 50 years.

South Korea banned midnight gaming.

At one point in time, South Korea passed a law called the ‘Cinderella law’ that banned the midnight gaming from 12 am to 6 am for the children under the age of 16. Passing this law was a partial failure as it not affect the consoles and mobile games. Some of the children even went an extra step to steal the resident’s numbers as they couldn’t resist themselves from gaming in the night.

Chinese video gaming market generates the most revenue.

In 2018, China was regarded as the most important market place for online video games, with a revenue of over 27 billion dollars. However, when considered the pay to play and the free to play multiplayer online games, then Asian stands the first in the race, also, as of June 2017, free to play games generated over 11 billion dollars and the other two games generated only 1.4 million dollars, when considered in Asia. Europe is the second-largest in the list, followed by North America.

70% of the smartphone owners or users are indulged in online games

As the business of smartphones and tablets has increased over the years, so has the growth of the online gaming industry. Nearly everyone owning a smartphone has at least played the online games once in their lifetime, and many haven’t taken a step back since then.

VR is the new trend

As people are getting used to the online gaming world, the introduction of new technologies like VR is making noise t=in the industry.

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