Best Gaming Consoles for 2020

Best Gaming Consoles for 2020

Basic gaming is no more a thing in this world of the highly advanced mode of games that come with options that are developing with every passing minute. Since there is non-stop research going into the development of games and related devices, there is a huge demand for every element to be launched with the most intelligent technology. Nowadays, the powerful consoles for 4K HDR and the basic consoles are both available in the market, and they have been coexisting in the gaming world.

The growth isn’t likely to stop because the gaming craze only increases by the day. Microsoft had a huge role in last year’s hike in sale of consoles with its launch of the Xbox Series X, which was a successor to the Xbox One X. With more gaming devices scheduled to launch this year, there is a lot to look up to in the section of consoles as well. Here is a list of the best gaming consoles for 2020.


1.     Microsoft Xbox One X Gaming Console

The successor to Xbox One X might arrive only in late 2020; so, it is best that you stick to this console for the next few months of gaming. By offering games at 60 frames per second, this console is the best in the market right now. Also, it delivers gameplay in HDR and 4K resolution, which are incredible features for a device that costs only $500. High-resolution content can be streamed with this console, and it also has a 4K Blu-ray player. Commands from an external keyboard or mouse, Alexa, or Google Assistant will be followed precisely by this console.

2.     Nintendo Switch Gaming Console

This device is used as a mobile gaming device, and it can be transitioned to a home gaming console simply by docking it into a station. Nintendo Switch is the brand’s most popular product, which has several features that weren’t available on the previous versions. Innovative Joy-Con controllers and a wide range of gaming options are offered on the Nintendo Switch. It would cost you $400, which proves to be worthy when you start playing games.

3.     Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Gaming Console

4K HDR gaming is offered on the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro without the need for using an expensive laptop or desktop computer. Many other accessories can be linked to the PS4 Pro, and the display for several games can be upgraded from Full HD to 4K as well. Both 4K and non-4K content can be streamed on this gaming console, thereby allowing you to have a better view of the videos available on platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

4.     Sega Genesis Mini Gaming Console

Several iconic games from the ’90s have been included on this console that is a compact replica of the original. If you are a nostalgic gamer, this could be the console for you. As per the reviews, the collection of classic games and the seamless hardware functions make this console one worth trying. Sega Genesis Mini comes with the same three-button gaming controllers but in a compact form.

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