Best Adventure Games for Android

Best Adventure Games for Android

All gamers who love to indulge in a session on their Android devices most often keep looking for the best games in the store. The list keeps updating with the growing popularity of newly launched games. Of all the genres that garner fans every year, adventure is the most popular one because it holds an element of surprise that no other genre possesses. Many avid gamers even consider adventure to be a collection of genres rather than being an individual genre. However, none of those debates matter as long as a game takes the player on a virtual adventure through the depths of the world. Adventure games could be anything from hopping through the wilderness in search for a treasure to shooting down targets from a first-person perspective. Opinions of the fans were collected to compile this list with all the favorite game types under ‘Adventure’.


1.     80 Days

You are Passepartout, Phileas Fogg’s assistant in the pursuit of travelling the world in eighty days. This is a game that is considered to be one of the best adventure games on Android. While playing the game, you must manage Phileas’ vitals and take him safely through the eighty days by taking the trip on submarines, mechanical camels, airships, or trains. This game comes at a price of $5.99, which is paid off with the race that sets in with other players.


2.     Another Eden

Chrono Trigger’s writer and composer have teamed up again to create this game. Although Another Eden is a JRPG, it doesn’t normally play how mobile RPGs are supposed to. This game comes with no menus and does not follow the mission-style progression of the narrative. The players will have to go through various stages of an adventure while playing the game. Another Eden’s structure also contains side quests such as non-story missions and a few gacha elements. You get to play this game for free, making it even more attractive.


3.     Crashlands

Crashlands takes you on an adventure as no other game can, and this stands out with its unique treatment of a game. You are Flux, a space trucker who crashes onto an alien planet and is on the mission to retrieve all your belongings and the cargo. As you try to bag all these items, you are to face the bad guys and fight them in order to escape out of that planet safely. Some of the most enticing features of this game are its character leveling, combat styles, and the ability to tame creatures for the fight. Crashlands can be played both on PC and mobile by paying $4.99.


4.     Evoland 2

People have loved Evoland for its combination of genres, making it one of the best adventure games in the last five years. With every passing era of gaming comes a new mechanic of graphical style. Evoland makes for an enjoyable experience with its gameplay that forces you to keep second-guessing. Buy the game for $7.99, and get started with a physical controller.

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