3 Best Sports Video Games of All Time

3 Best Sports Video Games of All Time

Not many fields of entertainment manage to go hand in hand always because of the jarring effect that sets in with the characters’ misplacement. But movies and sports are two major elements that blend well with games. Gamers who are into sports keep playing games related to it, and the punch of it only increases with every passing year. What seemed to be a fad in the initial days have now become a trend that never ceases to impress.

The love for FIFA and NBA is unparalleled, and it has further yielded more versions to the games every year. With hundreds of games having been launched in the past decade, it would be a challenge to rank the best sports video games because the interests of a gamer differ according to their taste in a particular sport. Everyone is bound to have their favorite list of sports video games, which makes for no list that satisfies the consensual demands. However, we have compiled a list that includes several games that have stood the test of time to stay relevant even today.

1.     ESPN NFL 2K5

This game was launched back in 2005 when multiple companies had released NFL games. It was a time of huge contention in the video games of this particular sport. ESPN NFL is, however, considered as the best football game of all time. In that era of graphics, the players had accurate face scans, which was a great feat for the game. The game you play on your computer screens looked more like the match on weekends. What most players found fascinating about the game was its feature of being able to play from a first-person perspective with the helmet on. Although many players felt the game was a mess with all the over the top elements, there was a group who loved everything about it.

2.     NBA 2K11

One of the most annoying factors of the NBA games is the monotony that has set in since the past few years. Many people keep complaining about these repetitive features, but there surely wouldn’t be a single gamer who would claim anything against the NBA 2k11. With a cover that had Michael Jordan on it, the game had come to the market for a reason, and they had fulfilled it too. No other franchises have managed to supersede the position attained by NBA 2k11 because the challenges and graphics it offered at the start of the decade was nothing like any player had seen until then.

3.     FIFA 13

Soccer has been in the video game business for a long time now, and there have been huge sales for FIFA games since its launch. There is a debate that comes back to life every year when the new edition of FIFA releases, but nothing like FIFA 13. It was with this version that players started looking more like the original ones, and the fluid flow of the game also had a great impact. This competitive game has been in this position for a long time, but no soccer game seems to have the enticing value as much as FIFA 13 does.

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